baker's delight story



In summer of 1992, The Original Baker's Delight opens its doors as small shop selling freshly baked Pan de sal (dinner rolls). It was in the small corner mall on Harlem Avenue and Dempster Street right in the neighborhood of Morton Grove Illinois.  Soon it became so popular with it's bear logo design on the ensaymadas (French Brioche style pastries), buttercreamed cakes, pan de leches and other Filipino baked stuffs and rice cakes.  

Inspired by the traditional grandma dishes, OBD expanded it's product lines into the popular homestyle cooked meals, such as the adobo, palabok, lumpia and most of the delicatessen you always find in the streets of Manila.  In October 1996, OBD Carry Out on Clark Street, Chicago, started selling these authentic dishes rgiht in the heart of Andersonville and Edgewater towns.  Soon, it became a destination for the Filipinos from the neighboring States like Indiana and Wisconsin.  


Today, on it's second generation of management, Baker's Delight continues catering the Chicagoland with it's famous baked goodies and tradtional Filipino comfort foods.  

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